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Men's Rings

Man's Diamond Ring 

Looking for the perfect ring for you or a special man in your life? You have come to the right place. Unlike your local department store or any single online merchant, here you can shop wedding bands from hundreds of merchants. Because those same merchants also sell right hand rings, you will find those here as well.

Unlike typical images searches, every ring you see is from current inventory as reported by the merchant; prices are side-by-side, allowing you to narrow your choices without leaving the page; and full purchase information for each is only a click away.

Unlike individual retailers who offer rings in two (maybe three) metals, you can shop them all here--gold, silver, platinum, tungsten, titanium, stainless steel, and multi-alloy styles. You may (1) browse the categories below, where you will find our hand-picked selections, representing available styles; (2) look at the men's rings sitemap, which includes more categories; (3) search inventory directly through the product search engine by clicking each of the following links, then narrowing your search by price range, retailer, or brand-- men's ring, men's band -- or; (4) if the type of ring you are looking for is difficult to find with search--and you would like help or ideas that fit your budget--email Bobette or contact her through social media (this service is no cost to you).

Men's Gold Wedding Bands 

Choosing the man's band

There are several considerations when buying the groom's ring. Here are 10 questions to ask him before ordering.

Silver Wedding Bands for Men

Men's wedding rings

Shop wedding bands in gold, silver, platinum, tungsten, titanium, and stainless steel; each in a variety of styles.

His and Her Wedding Sets

His and her wedding sets

These wedding bands--whether sold as a set or as similarly-styled rings--create an attractive pair of bride's and groom's rings.

Discount Men's Wedding Rings

Inexpensive men's rings

These low-priced rings of all types and styles are under $100, most well below.

 Men's Diamond Wedding Bands

Diamond men's rings 

The diamond is not only a girl's best friend! These cluster and black diamond rings are sure to make him smile.  

Man's Gold Ring

Men's gold rings

Whether white gold or yellow, rings made from this classic metal are always a safe choice.

Man's Sterling Silver Ring 

Men's silver rings

Silver is both fashionable and always in vogue. You will find a wide range of sterling silver styles, made from silver only or combined with other metals.

 Man's Stainless Steel Ring

Men's rings in stainless steel

Fashion does not have to be expensive. These stainless steel rings are attractive and begin at around $15.

Man's Garnet Ring

Men's red rings--garnet and ruby

As it is for women, red is a popular gemstone color for men. Ruby rings and garnet styles are most common.

Man's Sapphire Ring

Men's Sapphire rings

Sapphires may be any color except red, but blue is the most popular. Happily, they are als regal-looking on a man's hand.

Man's Black Onyx Ring

Men's black onyx rings

Masculine and often substantial, the black onyx ring, whether set in gold or another metal, always makes a statement.

Man's Pinky Ring

Men's pinky rings

These rings are for men who know who they are and want to project it with confidence. Select from a range of styles.

CZ Wedding Bands for Men

Men's rings sitemap

Explore the full selection of wedding bands and right hand rings. 



Note: Prices are those currently reported to us by each merchant. Unless otherwise noted, receives a commission from any resulting sales.

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